Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Week Fright

While making beads last week I had an eerie feeling that something was not right.  The glass was not behaving normally.  As I tried to reason through what was happening I discovered that I was not getting enough oxygen in my flame mix.  After checking all the tubing and connections I concluded that my oxygen concentrator was on it last legs.  I tried making some beads with a very low oxygen mix in the flame and they came out frightful!  Some were pitted, some darkened and some smoky.  So the slowly dyeing concentrator made lampworking a dreadful experience.  This sent me to the computer to comb the internet for an affordable replacement.  Luckily I found ABR had Concentrators on sale for Halloween.  So, I ordered one and hopefully it is on the way.  I am waiting by the front door for it to arrive; hoping to have time to make more beads before The Glen Helen Show Nov 19th and that the beads will not be so frightful!

Halloween beads made before the
death of my oxygen concentrator,
may it rest in peace.

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