Friday, November 18, 2011

Glen Helen Nature Arts and Craft Show

Libby and I set up our booth at Glen Helen Nature Arts and Craft Show this afternoon, all ready for tomorrow at 9:00!

If you have the post card they sent out bring it with you for $2 off admission.
If you don't, go to The Glen website and it says you can print the page and bring it in for a discount also.

Here is what it says:
“The show is open to the public on November 19 (9am-5pm) and November 20 (11am-5pm).
$4 admission benefits Glen Helen. Print out this page to receive $2 off (for up to 4 people).”

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beads Were Having A Party

I started making beads about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and finished about 4:00am. Of course I took several breaks for dinner, snacks (chocolate), and to lie on the floor to stretch out my aching back.  But I was on a roll and it was going well. I kept thinking of new color combinations and designs I wanted to try.  Right before I sat down at the computer to write this I went out to my workshop (garage) hoping to take my new treasures out of the kiln and see what I got but they were still a bit too hot to remove. I did sneak a pike and a photo though.

I used a new mandrel rack my husband, Jim, built for me for the first time.  It worked great! I could get a lot more mandrels into the space. When I peeked in the kiln there were so many beads it looked like the beads were having a party. Unfortunately it was to hot for me to attend, another couple hours of cooling I think before I can join in.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go Bucks!

My friend Kathy, a fellow OSU graduate, modeling the Buckeye earrings I made.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Week Fright

While making beads last week I had an eerie feeling that something was not right.  The glass was not behaving normally.  As I tried to reason through what was happening I discovered that I was not getting enough oxygen in my flame mix.  After checking all the tubing and connections I concluded that my oxygen concentrator was on it last legs.  I tried making some beads with a very low oxygen mix in the flame and they came out frightful!  Some were pitted, some darkened and some smoky.  So the slowly dyeing concentrator made lampworking a dreadful experience.  This sent me to the computer to comb the internet for an affordable replacement.  Luckily I found ABR had Concentrators on sale for Halloween.  So, I ordered one and hopefully it is on the way.  I am waiting by the front door for it to arrive; hoping to have time to make more beads before The Glen Helen Show Nov 19th and that the beads will not be so frightful!

Halloween beads made before the
death of my oxygen concentrator,
may it rest in peace.