Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trying to photograph glass tree beads

I photographed some more of my tree beads with out the benefit of a light box.  I thought I had great light and figured it might be enough.  They are OK but not as nice as the ones taken using Pam's light box.  I think it is time to make my own light box. Guess this goes on my to do list! 

Spring Is Coming

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tree Beads

Tree Beads

I have had an affinity for trees since I was in grade school.  The neighborhood children and I would climb the crabapple trees that lined the road on which I lived. We spent days playing in those trees. We talked about anything and everything and made up great stories.  Our imaginations would take us on grand adventures spending the day acting them out, making them come alive. Sometimes I climbed alone and just enjoyed the tree.  As I look back I see how our stories changed as the seasons caused the trees to change, every season a new and exciting journey.

I make trees beads because they represent the wonder of changes that are a natural part of our lives.  Sometimes we instantly see the beauty of a change. At other times as when the trees lose their gorgeous foliage in the fall, the barren trees may seem lost and forlorn. The beauty of the changes is not always immediately apparent. Without the foliage we can examine the structure of the branches and the intricate patterns in the bark, seeing the beauty this season has to offer. Without the loss of the fall leaves the beauty of the structure beneath could not have been found. 

As I observe trees I realize how resilient they are.  They are strong and sturdy but can bend in the wind. When injured they often have a remarkable ability to heal and grow despite the loss of a limb or damaged trunk.

These glass tree beads represent the gifts and beauty that nature gives through the changing seasons of our lives and remind us to strive to incorporate the tree’s resiliency into our life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to my blog

A big thank you to Pam for helping me learn how to make this blog and how to take better photos using a home made light box. Here's a photo of one of the beads I made...which actually it belongs to Pam.  Pam took a great photo of it. 

I am a new member of the Yellow Springs Village Artisans. This is the end of my second month as a member and I am really enjoying being a prat of this group of artist. I decided to put together this blog so I can share what glass projects I am currently working on or have completed and what things I will be taking to the shop. Also just to talk about art and glass!!!!